Quality of our products

We recently received a testimonial from one of our clients in North East Scotland, who commented that despite the heavy rain they had, which caused flooding, the lines on their athletics track remained intact. See more details below.

“My name is Scott Hamilton and I am the president of a small athletics club in Elgin, North East Scotland. We use an old-fashioned track that takes quite a bit of work to maintain. Unfortunately, the track is also located on a flood plain. The surface was flooded in 2014, and it took a small team three years to get it back to good condition, then last Wednesday the track was flooded again.

“The reason I am getting in touch with you is that we recently started putting lines back on the track as the condition has allowed for that again. I used your product indicated above and I thought that I would let you know that the lines have survived the flood. There was 2.5 days of constant rain, 1.5m of flood water and 4-5cm of silt, clay, leaves and other horrible stuff on the track and even after that was scraped off most of the lines can still be seen, used and painted over again. It’s amazing! I’m sure you know how good your product is but I thought I’d let you know anyway. It’s made of very strong stuff!

“The work hasn’t finished yet, we have quite a bit more to do before I get the liner out again but when it’s time I’ll definitely be using your product again! Attached are photos of before the flood and during the flood. If I get one of after the clean up I’ll send it to you too.”

Thank you to Scott for his wonderful email testimonial.