Line Marking Spray Paint


We offer a range of aerosol products that will tackle any applications they are required for. Immediately effective and easy to use, we provide these aerosol spray cans in boxes of 12 for affordable prices.

The aerosol paints have a high colour pigment for bright and bold coloured lines. They are lead-free, xylene-free and contain no CFC’s.

Aerosol line marking paint you can rely on

Our spray paints’ weather-resistant properties ensure that your markings remain sharp and durable in various environmental conditions. For those seeking a straightforward and efficient way to mark lines and boundaries, aerosol line marking paint is a practical and effective choice.

In addition, Grassline also has a range of linear 2 or 4-wheel aerosol applicators. These British-manufactured, heavy-duty products are designed for applications around tight corners and freehand marking. Simply attach the aerosol spray cans to the product for easier usage and more versatility.

If your aerosol applicators are in need of a tune-up, Grassline also offers a range of line marker spares for you to choose from.

For more information on Grassline’s aerosol line marking paint, get in touch with the team today.