Line Marking Paint


Our premium line marking paints are designed with durability in mind. Whether you’re looking to mark grass pitches, synthetic pitches, all-weather pitches or hard surfaces, our paints provide a water-resistant solution that’s made to last.

Many of our line marking paints can be applied via transfer wheel or spray line marker for the perfect brilliant white finish. Alternatively, we offer different coloured line marking paint for situations where white just won’t do; these are, of course, equally as robust and hard-wearing.

Sports field line marking paint

When it comes to maintaining sports pitches and ensuring the boundaries and lines are clearly defined, line marking paint plays a crucial role. Whether you’re responsible for a football field, tennis court, or any other sports surface, choosing the right line marking paint is essential for both safety and aesthetics.

In addition, if you run a club with multi-discipline sports and have white lines that need masking temporarily, our Grassline Green Out is the ideal solution.

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